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How it started

Where Romy Roams is my small jewellery business. I collect beach plastics, sea glass and shells during my travels round the UK and create unique pieces of jewellery. This began as a hobby as I enjoy travelling around the coast, however, as I began to see the extent of beach pollution I began to collect plastics and rubbish left along the shore. My jewellery is my small way of contributing to the clean up of our oceans. 


Making jewellery

All my jewellery is handmade, wrapped in copper wire with waxed cotton cord and silver plated fastenings. Each piece is completely unique due to the natural shell, glass or stone used. I never use man made sea glass or shells, only ones collected from beaches I have travelled to. I have a small selection of gem stone necklaces which are my only non hand collected stones used. 

where romy


Where to find me

If you can't find me on a beach you can find me on Facebook or Instagram or find my jewellery selling on Etsy.

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